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3 Simple Job Search Tips People Always Forget

Employment Period 13 September, 2017

Many unemployed people spend hours looking for job searching advice on the Internet. However, these job seekers often forget that there are so many simple job search tips that they can put into effect to find a job. Most of these job search tips don't even require a quick search on Google. Here are three simple job search tips people always forget.

1. Be an Obvious Fit

One way that you can make your job search easier is by being an obvious fit. If you fill out an application for a job online, chances are an applicant tracking system will screen your resume and application first. If the application tracking system decides that you've made the cut, humans will review your application. Since a recruiter or lower-level HR person may not know exactly what the job position entails, you should make yourself an obvious fit in the eyes of both humans and computers.

You should study the job description closely and mirror the phrases and words from the job description to your application and resume. Emphasize your strengths that are important to the role.

2. Don't Only Apply to Online Applications

If you want to have an easier time finding a job, you should make sure that you don't focus on only applying to job positions that you find online. You should also reach out and network with friends, family members, and professionals. When you apply to a position online, you should start researching the company you applied to as much as possible. Talk to an internal recruiter and consider scheduling informational interviews with individuals who will be your coworkers if you get the job.

3. Make Changes to Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Even if your resume and LinkedIn profile are already top-notch, chances are there are some changes you can make so that they are even better. Your resume and LinkedIn profile should make it obvious that you're the perfect fit for all the job positions you're applying to. Before you apply to a job position, you shouldn't be afraid to modify certain aspects of your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect your ability.

As long as you follow the easy-to-forget tips discussed above, you should speed up the job searching process for yourself tremendously.